“All by myself” shut up! Reasons to be alone


The song  “All by myself ”  is really full of   clichés around loneliness & love.  When Celin Dion gives her touch is even worse.  “When I was young/  I never needed anyone/ And making love was just for fun/ Those days are gone”. What? Please, shut up. 

They say that happiness has to be shared. They say. However I still think that I couldn’t be nice and relaxed and happy with people if I had not my portion of aloneness. I need it to function. To be alone is not to be lonely. Unfortunately in Italian we don’t have these 2 different words to define that difference, and then you are solo in both cases, leading to the assumption that if you are alone, you must be lonely.


We all have our own reasons to be alone. In my case I don’t like just wasting my time on some assholes.

                      M. F. Moonzajer 

 Perhaps the primary distinction of the artist is that he must actively cultivate that state which most men, necessarily, must avoid; the state of being alone. That all men are, when the chips are down, alone, is a banality — a banality because it is very frequently stated, but very rarely, on the evidence, believed. Most of us are not compelled to linger with the knowledge of our aloneness, for it is a knowledge that can paralyze all action in this world.

                       James Baldwin


Robert Frank, Elevator, Miami Beach, 1955


 Do not whine.. Do not complain. Work harder. Spend more time alone

                      Joan Didion, Blue Nights 


Orlando naturally loved solitary places, vast views, and to feel himself for ever and ever and ever alone.

                     Virginia Woolf – Orlando 


I cannot live with someone who can’t live without me.

                     Nadine Gordimer


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